Q: Do I need a plumber to install my Peppy Taps
A: Yes it is a requirement to use a certified Plumber to install your Peppy Tap. Your warranty is only valid if a certified plumber has installed.

Q: How do I change the temperature setting on the boiler and chiller

Peppy Taps- Tap, Boiler, Chiller operation from Peppy Taps on Vimeo.

Q: Are Boiling Water Taps safe to use
A: Our Instant boiling water taps come with various safety features, such as child-friendly safety sprung handles, so that you can’t accidentally leave the tap running. To release the boiling water, you must also hold and twist a safety button, so the tap cannot be knocked and turned on unintentionally. The water pressure of a boiling water tap is also slightly lower than a traditional tap to avoid splash-back. Additionally, the sides of the tap are insulated to prevent further scalding.

Q: How do I reset my timer on the boiler for the filter life.
A: Hold down the power button for 10 seconds on the boiler while it is on and it will reset the timer.

Q: How often do I need to change my Filter?
A: It is recomended to be changed every 6 months. However if the tap is being used constantly it may need to be changed over more regularly. Note you are able to change the filter yourself it is quite easy. Note if the filter is not changed every 6 months it may do damage to your boiler.

Q: How do I change my filter?

Peppy Taps Filter Change from Peppy Taps on Vimeo.

Q: Where do I find my manufacture numbers on the boiler & Chiller
A: They are on the back of the units


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